NICPP Certifications

5-Levels of NICPP Certification System: A Programmatic Approach to Infrastructure Project Execution

  • 5 Level certification system, online-exam based
  • An increasing focus on Program Management per level
  • Non-sequential levels
  • Competence of an NICPP certified professional may be linked to the scale and complexity of infrastructure project

Candidate Performance Evaluation Philosophy

The evaluation of a candidate is distinct at each level of the NICPP certification system. The assessments shall be based on conceptual foundations in infrastructure program and project management as per InBoK with an increasing level of difficulty and greater focus on Programmatic skills per level.

The assessments will be available both from home as well as at an examination center. The candidate will be allowed to select the mode of assessment.

Level 0 - Certified Project Professional (CPP)

The entry-level certification, the Level 0 shall serve as the starting point for any beginner, mid-senior to experienced professional to strengthen their foundations in program and project management in any sector. It aims at providing the foundations and basics of Program/Project Management (PM) and introduce a common language of Program/Project Management (PM) across the infrastructure industry.

Level I - Certified Project Associate (CPA)

For early professionals with an experience band of 3 to 8 years. It aims at providing the foundations of Project Management to various professionals working in a larger project/program in limited functions as well those leading small projects who may benefit from the foundational concepts.

Level II - Certified Project Manager (CPM)

The professionals with relevant experience of more than 8 years in various functions associated with an infrastructure project.

Level III - Certified Program Manager (CPgM)

CPgM are professionals with more than 15 years of experience, have executed constituent projects of significant scale and complexity, and are ready to be entrusted with infrastructure programs composite of multiple projects. They understand not just the nuances of project execution, but challenges of integration across projects.

Level IV: Certified Program Director (CPgD)

Mid-senior and senior professionals who are equipped and proficient in complex infrastructure programs of significant scale (4000 Cr+). They are responsible not just for program and project success, but for giving strategic direction and decision-making.